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A synergy of science and

nature for better health

and wellbeing.


Our Products


HEEL FAST - intensive heel repair

HEEL FAST is scientifically formulated to heel and repair dry, cracked and irritated skin on heels & feet. This sweet almond oil formula is infused with natures super skin hydrator NZ Harakeke and the natural healing properties from NZ Kawakawa

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HANDS ON - intensive hand repair

HANDS ON is an industrial strength formula rich in natural intensive moisturisers and New Zealand native plant extracts that heal & repairs the most sever cases of dry, cracked and irritated skin.

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LAXEASE - natural digestive care

LAXEASE fruit cubes are a natural, gentle and effective way to maintain and aid digestive health. Specially formulated with natural fruits, herbs and prebiotic to support and regulate bowel movements

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We believe in a natural "safe" approach for our products. Chemicals & Skin irritants come in many forms and can further aggravate the condition you are trying to treat. Your BODY will thank you!

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A synergy of science and nature for better health and wellbeing.