Our Story


We, like many people today work in a busy and fast paced environment. Our aim was to develop a range of user specific health and skincare products that cater for active and busy people, young or old.

We wanted products that actually worked, safe to use and were priced competitively.

So we teamed up with a bunch of natural healthcare experts and specifically formulated a range of products that bring together science with the natural power of botanical extracts.

The secret to our success lies in our unique advanced formulations.

Our carefully crafted blends combine the best of cutting-edge science with a thousand years of herbal wisdom. Using only the finest natural ingredients, which have been hand-picked by experts to deliver high performance with powerful therapeutic benefits.


Our Values


Nurtrea was created to improve your health and wellbeing, by bringing you the best health and beauty products of their type, at a cost you can afford to make part of your lifestyle.  The world is full of premium health and beauty brands that are too expensive; and cheap products that really aren’t so good for you.  Nurtrea gives you premium quality that you can afford, so you don’t have to compromise with your health and the health of the people you love.

Nurtrea uses the highest possible natural and plant-derived content in its products.  They are designed to be first-quality and manufactured to exacting standards.  Nurtrea sources the best ingredients, formulates the best product and brings it to you at a cost you can afford.  Wherever we can, we put natural and plant-derived content into our products, hence we say “Back to Nature”.

You only have one body.  Your health and the health of people you love must not be compromised.  Nurtrea stands for health, giving your health assistance that is high-quality, high-natural content and affordable.